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Covast EDI 997 how to

Not as simple as the base EDI 997, which is as easy as turning on a configuration on the GUI.
1. Covast EDI 997 requires the 997 schema to be imported to CovastDB database through the use of Covast Studio.

2. There are "map" text file schemas that go together with the 997 schema. I speculate these are for internal temp text files that bundle many 997 information in an interchange. Think of it like a batch 997 because 997 can be batched at document-level and interchange-level(a batch of documents). I have seen these map file in there run-time dump form. Map files must also be imported using Covast Studio.
-->1. and 2. form a 997 deployment package that can be download off Covast website.

3. There are many version of the deployment package.
For example: 997 4010; 997 4050.
4010, 4050, 4060 versions of the 997s correspond to the versions of the envelope of the inbound edi documents. This point is important because an inbound edi of version 4050 can be enclosed inside an envelope of version 4010. In fact, for example, 850-4050 and 820-4060 can be both enclosed in an envelope of version 4010! There will be a blog about how to configure Covast EDI receive port to allow this.

Good post

I am facing a problem in receiving 997 functional Acknowledgement using COVAST EDI Accelerator . I generate EDI 810 and send it to a location, Receiving Partner receivs the 810 EDI and place 997 functional Acknowledgement at the same location, but i m unable to receive that 997 functional Acknowledgement, BizTalk is always showing me the “NO” status of receiving 997.

I have configured a send port to drop 810 Invoice file. I am expecting a 997 functional acknowledgement on the same location by my simulated receiving partner. The Functional Acknowledgement property of outbound send port is set to always.How I can update the status of functional acknowledgment in HAT.

I have also tried to receive 997 functional acknowledgement by setting file connector, But it gives error that sender of the document is not recognized.

Following are my questions
Where I have to drop 997 received from simulated partner
Should i configure connector to receive 997 functional acknowledgement or not.
What additional configurations I have to do in order to accomplish my scenario.
This is a good post. I think those that are undergoing EDI training can find this post quite useful. Thanks!
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